7 Cool Dryer Sheet Hacks That Will Freshen Your Life

7 Cool Dryer Sheet Hacks For All Areas Of The House And Car

Don’t you love finding new uses for things that you already have in the house?  You’ll be amazed at these dryer sheet hacks and what they can achieve that you may have never thought of!  The whole house will smell fresh as a daisy!



I do a happy dance whenever I find a new and helpful use for something that I always thought only had one primary purpose.  It’s like receiving a little gift:) Imagine my joy when I find out that there are so many uses for dryer sheets!  I have to admit, I was already a fan of multi-purposing these delightful little sheets of freshness.  We use them to dust baseboards and my favorite use is to use them to clean the tub.  Trust me, there is something in the dryer sheet formula that cuts through soap scum like crazy!


WATCH:  7 more dryer sheet hacks that will have you buying extra boxes!

credit: Rumble


Well, the folks at Rumble have even more dryer sheet hacks for us.  If there is an area that needs a little scent pick-me-up, it seems that they have found a way for a dryer sheet to solve that dilemma.  I’ll be popping out to pick up an extra box of these this week!


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