10 Laundry Hacks & How To Treat Stubborn Stains.

Here are 10 laundry hacks and solutions for some of those most stubborn stains. From wine to grease to shrinkage. Read on to learn more about how to save your ruined (or so you thought) clothes from the dumpster.


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1) How to remove Red Wine: Mix salt and club soda together and hand wash the stain. This usually does the trick!


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2) Holiday stains on your favorite linens? Take you regular laundry detergent and water it down a bit. Pour over your stains and let it set for a moment – then wash as you normally would. This typically helps boost the cleaner and takes the stains away.


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3) Got Grease Stains? Grease stains can be some of the most stubborn. Try using your dish soap (meant to cut grease anyway) and gently rub onto your stain, saturating it. Then wash as you normally would.


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4) UGH – Ink Stains: Ink stains just happen…so as soon as you notice them, either saturate the stain with hairspray OR hand sanitizer, then wash as you normally would. The alcohol content should take the ink out in the first wash!


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5) Tips for using Vinegar in the Laundry: Vinegar is great for many things, such as, fabric softener, odor remover, stain remover, prevents colors from fading, prevents colors from bleeding, whitener, reshape shrunken clothes and works as an anti-bacterial. For more on how to use vinegar in your laundry, click here!


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6) How to properly hand-wash your delicates: Never throw delicate clothing in the washing machine. Instead, place items in a basin with soapy water. Gentle ‘swish’ the item around and rinse thoroughly. Place item on a clean towel and roll the two together – gently pressing the water out. Hang or lay flat to dry.


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7) Never buy dryer sheets again: To combat static cling, simply roll-up some aluminum foil (2 sheets) into a ball and toss it into your dryer. This works the same to eliminate static cling without the excessive cost. (Apparently, you can use the same ball for up to 1 year!)


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8) How to REVIVE your old towels to look and smell like new: With vinegar, baking soda and hot water is all you need to bring new life to your old towels. Simply wash towels on hot but toss in (1) cup of vinegar in the tub. Once done, wash the towels again in hot water but this time add 1/2 cup of baking soda. Then, dry completely.


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9) “UNSHRINK” the item you shrunk: (clear as mud, eh?) Simply take the item that has now been shrunk and soak in a basin with baby shampoo and water. Gently stretch the item back to its original shape / size and lay flat to dry. *and next time, keep this item away from the dryer 🙂


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10) “Decode” the washing machine codes:  What is that tag (on your clothing) really saying about how to care for your item? Whew – finally – cuz I’ve been ‘clueless’ far too long!


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