Follow This Granny Pod Journey From Start To Finish

The Granny pod is one of the newest design trends and they come with a lot of great benefits. Now, we get to take a look at the journey of these fascinating homes from beginning to end.

Granny pods are a great answer to an issue that a lot of us come across in our lives. Whether it’s our parents growing older and needed a safe place to stay or our children ready for more independent, additional space might be needed. But what if your current home doesn’t have enough room or a house renovation just isn’t in the budget? Granny pods are an affordable and practical solution to these problems.

The team at Great Home Ideas took on the task of creating one of these pods for just $50,000. I thought that there was no way they would be able to pull it off with that budget, but everyone completely surprised me. This particular pod comes with a bedroom, a kitchenette, living room and bathroom.


It’s incredible how easy this was from beginning to end. A lot of us have parents that are getting older, but still want to maintain their independence. This is a great solution to give them the privacy they need while still being able to easily check on their health and wellness. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of these types of buildings in the future. What do you think about this new trend?


WATCH Granny Pod From Start To Finish

credit: Great Home Designs YouTube

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