Turn A Tire Into An Ottoman – So Cool!

If you need an ottoman or a stool of some sort in your den or playroom, look no further. Make one! That’s right. Make one…but not just any ottoman. Make one from an old tire and some rope. Keep reading and you’ll be amazed. I know I was!


Casa.com.br / Luis Gomes

Be honest. By looking at the picture above would you have ever guessed it was an old tire? Me neither. So, let’s see how to make one for ourselves!

Step 1) Here’s what you’ll need to get started: some rope, two pieces of wood, a drill, a glue gun and some sealant. Oh yeah and an old tire.

Note: the wood should be large enough to cover the majority of the tire and roughly 1/2 thick. Keep in mind, we want it sturdy enough to sit on.


Casa.com.br / Luis Gomes

Step 2) Place one piece of wood on the tire and drill several holes.


Casa.com.br / Luis Gomes

Step 3) Screw the wood into the tire with screws.


Casa.com.br / Luis Gomes

Step 4) Next, find the center of the wood and begin gluing the rope in place – spiraling the rope outward as you glue.


Casa.com.br / Luis Gomes

Step 5) And keep gluing…


Casa.com.br / Luis Gomes

Step 6) Be sure to maintain as tight a spiral as you can.


Casa.com.br / Luis Gomes

Step 7) When you’ve covered the first wooden piece, give it a moment to completely dry – then turn it over and keep gluing until you reach the 2nd piece of wood.


Casa.com.br / Luis Gomes

Step 8) Cut the end and glue it down to secure the spiral.


Casa.com.br / Luis Gomes


Step 9) Brush on a layer of the sealant. Once it dries, give it another coat.


Casa.com.br / Luis Gomes

Step 10) You’re done! 🙂   Sit back and enjoy your work of art that is literally one-of-a-kind!


Casa.com.br / Luis Gomes

What a great piece for my daughter’s new apartment. We are SO making this together. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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