Inspiring 100 Year Olds Share Life Lessons About Love, Loss And Regret

Do you ever wonder what the secrets are to living to 100 or beyond?  Listen as these 100 year olds share life lessons that are meaningful and inspiring.



Sometimes it can be hard to imagine living for 10 decades.  And to do it and maintain an optimistic outlook can sometimes seem like a miraculous feat.  Take a few minutes to hear the stories of these 3 centenarians and you may be inspired by their outlooks on past, present and even future.

Do you see a common thread between these 3?  We are certainly inspired to be more like them and are excited to see what our future decades bring!  Thank you to LifeHunters for sharing these stories.



allcreated - 100 year olds share life lessons

credit: LifeHunters


WATCH:  3 lovely 100 year olds share life lessons and talk about secrets, love, loss and regrets


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