Young Woman With Down Syndrome Starts Her Own Business!

I want to introduce you to Anna Rudick. Anna is a beautiful 26-year old woman from Minnetonka, Minnesota who has Down Syndrome. AND she has her own business making notecards. Her story will warm your heart and inspire you to keep going and to never give up!



Anna works with her mentor, named Karen Titus from Richfield, Minnesota, whom she met over a year ago.

Karen has been teaching and helping Anna learn the art and business of making and selling her own creative notecards.

And in the process, the two have become very close friends.



I want to encourage you to take a few minutes and meet Anna and Karen in the video clip below.  Anna will also show you the steps she takes in making her creative cards that you can purchase on Etsy!

We wish the best for you, Anna, in your new venture. Keep up the good work!! And what a beautiful friendship you have in Karen!  Blessings to the both of you! 🙂

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HT TheMighty