Mysterious Photos From The 50’s – Who Is This Woman?

Megan Abell, of Richmond, VA was doing what a lot of us women like to do…shop! And while¬†just picking through some of the great “old” stuff at “Twice As Nyce” she found what seemed at first a simple sleeve of old negatives.

But, then she took a closer look and KNEW she had found something really special. She rushed home to scan the photos and look what she found? Can you help her solve what a appears to be a 60-year old mystery? Who is this woman?


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Again, when Megan found these old negatives, she really didn’t think much of them at first…but it was her second look that intrigued her! What was she seeing?



Who is this beautiful woman on the beach? These pictures look like they were taken straight from a movie in the 40’s or 50’s. Beautiful.


Facebook/Meagan “Irene” Abell

There is something magical and poetic about each one.


Facebook/Meagan “Irene” Abell

They are so mesmerizing. It makes me want to know who she is. What was she thinking?


Facebook/Meagan “Irene” Abell


Facebook/Meagan “Irene” Abell

Megan did return to the shop and asked the owner about the photos. But, unfortunately, the owner could not confirm who or when they were even dropped off.


Facebook/Meagan “Irene” Abell


Facebook/Meagan “Irene” Abell

Feeling somewhat haunted by this woman, Megan took to social media for some help in solving this mystery.


Facebook/Meagan “Irene” Abell


Facebook/Meagan “Irene” Abell

Her photos on Facebook took off and several comments have been returned in hopes of identifying the woman. Many from Virginia feel as though she resembles their grandmother…but nothing has been confirmed.


Facebook/Meagan “Irene” Abell

The search continues to uncover the mystery of the woman on the beach. One thing seems to be obvious, at least to me, whoever took these photos clearly loves this woman.


Facebook/Meagan “Irene” Abell

What do you think? 

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