Amazing Over-50 Facelift Using Only Makeup

If you have sagging, eye bags and age spots, you don’t need needles!  Former model, Heather, shows how to get a facelift using makeup that will save you a fortune and have you looking your natural best!



At some point, most of us end up dealing with similar signs of aging.  Sallow skin, droopy eyes, age spots…and the list goes on.  But former model, Heather, has an attitude toward aging that we just love!  She acknowledges that her looks have changed, but she is not desperate to try to turn back the clock using expensive and intrusive procedures.  She knows all the pro tricks for shaving off a few years and bringing back some glow, using just skin care and makeup!  And she’s sharing her secrets with us.

We love Heather and all her videos at Awesome Over 50.  What a great inspiration she is!



WATCH:  Our favorite model, Heather, shows us how to avoid needles and give ourselves a facelift using makeup!


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