How To Remove Blackheads With An Egg And A Tissue

Everyone wants to know how to remove blackheads and other stubborn problems from their face, but I bet you never thought about using an egg.


If you’ve been looking for a natural and inexpensive way to remove blackheads and whiteheads from those pesky problem areas on your face, you don’t need to look any further. Talented beauty vlogger Shanique knows all about this struggle and decided to test out a famous ‘hack’ using just a tissue and an egg. Some say that this simple mask can help you achieve a smoother complexion, softer skin, tighter pores and fight acne. The added health benefits of improving skin tone and its elasticity make this mask a go-to for your weekly beauty routine.

At first, I was a little skeptical about how good this DIY face mask would be but after watching this video, I think I’ve become a believer. You’ll want to apply this egg mask to any area with blackheads or whiteheads such as your cheek, forehead and t-zone. I was so surprised at how well this mask really worked for Shanique and the best part is that you probably already have all of these ingredients in your house right now. This seems like a great option for those of us with sensitive skin or someone looking for an inexpensive way to remove those stubborn blackheads. So go ahead and grab a brush, a tissue, and some eggs to make try out this beauty tip on your own.

WATCH: How To Remove Blackheads With An Egg And A Tissue

credit: YouTube


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