Rainbow Hair Is The Hottest Trend. Go A’head’, Live A Little

Whether a full head or “hidden” style, rainbow hair is all the rage.  Even if it’s not for you, check out the artistry of these stylists!

Hairstyles have always been one way of expressing our personalities and these customers say “the bolder, the better”!  Rainbow everything is popular right now.  From unicorns to cakes, we are loving color in every glorious shade we can find.  And in a world where scary and sad are all over the news, some brave, fashionable individuals are doing their part to bring sunshine and happiness just by walking into a room.



Check out this video featuring a salon that specializes in rainbow coloring.  They can make this work for pretty much anyone, with an all-out full coloring or something more subtle like “hidden” hues.

Would you give this a try?  You won’t have to choose which color is your favorite and you may just have people checking to see if there is a pot of gold under that ponytail!


allcreated - rainbow hair

credit: Insider


WATCH:  This salon specializes in rainbow hair coloring and brings joy and color to the world!


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