Computer And Phone Hacks Make Tech Fun And Simple

Whether a novice or seasoned pro, we can all benefit from a handy tip.  These computer and phone hacks have something useful for everyone.

Just when we thought we had all of our devices figured out, some of these hacks are blowing our minds!  From how you type on your laptop to how to make your mobile phone less “lose-able”, we are delighted to be both reminded of some things that we already knew and learn some new ideas that will make tech life so much easier!



5 Minute Crafts has put together this very comprehensive list that includes:

  • how to ease back and wrist pain when sitting at the computer
  • how to extend the life of your devices
  • Excel and Word shortcuts
  • how to extend your router signal using a soda can
  • how to make a DIY projector and speakers using a cardboard box, tube and cups
  • and so much more!



WATCH:  Computer and phone hacks that you may not have seen.  These are great tips!


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