Home Repair Hacks Make You The Best Fixer Upper

Home Repair Hacks

You have an image in your mind of a completed project, but getting there can be tricky.  Master maintenance of your domain with these brilliant home repair hacks.

How many times have you tried to hammer nails and haven’t had enough hands to hold everything?  Or had to stop your painting job to run to the store for the proper supplies?  We are so excited to finally have some solutions to these and other common upkeep dilemmas.



Check out this handy video from 5-Minute Crafts that includes tips on handling:

  • keeping outdoor electrical plugs safe in the weather
  • mixing paint with zip ties and a drill
  • stripped screws
  • making your own headlamp
  • mess-less wood drilling
  • making a drip-proof paint pan
  • screwing in a bolt without a socket wrench

….and so much more!



WATCH:  These Home Repair Hacks will make home maintenance and decorating so much easier!


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