Simplify Your Journey With These Clever Packing Tips

Packing Tips

It’s vacation season!  Make all of your clothes fit in your suitcase with these handy packing tips. You may have space left for souvenirs!

Bring out the travel bags… it’s time for some R & R.  And while we can’t wait to get away and forget it all, first we have to go through the torture of packing.  Sometimes, the thought of it is enough to make us want to stay home.  Well, not quite.  But it certainly does take the joy out of the anticipation.



I do think that if I could be assured that I could fit everything that I wanted to take, in a nice organized case, it might make the process much more pleasant.  That’s why I love these clever tips on packing.  They help maximize space and minimize wrinkles and toiletry leaks.  Vaca is coming up soon, so these tips are just in time!


Blossom‘s hacks include tips on how to:

  • Fold jeans to take up minimal space
  • Bundle and pack socks for efficiency
  • Pack shoes without dirtying clothes
  • Fold and pack t-shirts for no wrinkles
  • Prevent toiletry bottles from leaking
  • Pack jewelry efficiently
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credit: Blossom


WATCH: You can finally make it all fit with these packing tips


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