Be Happy Campers With These Easy Camping Hacks

Inexpensive Camping Hacks

These 10 camping hacks will take you from being a camping newby to professional, in no time.  Even Yogi Bear would be impressed!

The happiest camps are those that maximize the good things about the outdoors, and minimize the annoyances.  You could invest in expensive gadgets, or you could try to improvise some solutions with items that you already have at home.



Check out these clever camping hacks from Destination Tips that utilize items that may or not be found at a campsite.  With just a little extra planning, you can have some of the conveniences of home right outside your tent door!  The tricks include:

  • making a lamp out of a jug
  • using towels efficiently
  • building an outdoor shower
  • using foam floor tiles as a tent cushion
  • using sage to repel mosquitoes
  • supplies for a makeshift washing machine
  • making a diy firestarter
  • diy tick repellent
  • easy scrambled eggs
  • saving room with a sleeping bag for 2



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