Cute Milk Crate Shoe Storage From Dollar Zips And Bins

Milk Crate Shoe Storage

We love furniture that also offers functionality.  This DIY Milk Crate Shoe Storage does just that, and almost completely from the dollar store!

We read once that when living in a tight space, try to make as much furniture as possible serve more than one purpose.  Like an ottoman that has storage inside, or a nightstand that has drawers or shelves.



This entry table project from Laci Jane does exactly that and is loaded with style!  When we look at this tutorial, we are blown away that she has built it with an estimated $10 worth of supplies from the dollar store, topped with a piece of stained wood for a tabletop.  It’s perfect for shoe storage, but we can think of a million other uses too.  Winter gear, candles, extra tablecloths and napkins, small seasonal items.  We are giddy with the possibilities!


allcreated - milk crate shoe storage

credit: Laci Jane


WATCH:  Easy to assemble Milk Crate Shoe Storage from Dollar Store supplies and a tabletop

Here’s what you will need:

  • 4 plastic milk crates (or more if you want yours taller)
  • zip ties
  • fabric storage bins
  • wood for tabletop (painted or stained the color of your choice)
  • drill with bit
  • snips to cut zip ties


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