Tips For Thinning Hair Due To Aging

Getting older is never easy and thinning hair is just one symptom of the times. But now, thanks to these amazing tips, we can combat thinning hair and look better than ever.


The AARP says that over 60 percent of all women experience hair loss. And that number can increase as we get older. As if grey hair and wrinkles aren’t enough, now we’ve got to deal with thin hair too. If you’re battling hair loss, it can really take a toll on your self-esteem and emotional health. But thankfully, there are ways around this and the good folks at AARP are here to help us out.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman knows about aging and hair loss so she set out to find more information about this phenomenon and what causes it. She also spoke with Dr. Doris Day to find out some remedies that we can use to combat hair loss. As always, Barbara and Dr. Day want all of us to be sure to speak with our doctor or other medical professionals before starting any new medications or regimens.

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credit: AARP

It’s so fascinating to learn more about the reasons we can have hair loss. There are even some on the list that I hadn’t even thought of before. There are already hair loss remedies on the market but Dr. Day is very optimistic about some of the new treatments that are currently in the works. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing about some of these remedies in the future.

WATCH: Thinning Hair And Best Tips to Deal With It


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