Repair Broken Lipstick To Save Money And Frustration

Repair Broken Lipstick

Doesn’t it stink when your favorite lip color breaks off?  Now you can repair broken lipstick and save your beloved shade!

Ladies, raise your hand if your lipstick has gotten too soft and plopped right off the tube.  Frustrating, isn’t it?  Especially when it’s your favorite color and you don’t have a back up.



Well, have no fear!  It’s actually quite easy to repair that tube.  Check out the how-to from Wikr that shows how to either fix the lipstick or turn several of your often used colors into a handy palette.  Just melt the lipstick down and apply with a brush and no more broken tubes!


allcreated - repair broken lipstick

credit: Wikr


WATCH: 2 clever ways to repair broken lipstick


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