Astounding Makeover Answers The Question “Should I Stay Grey?”

Are you debating whether to keep your grey natural?  See what a difference a few shades can make with this remarkable grey hair makeover!

Most of us go grey at some point, and it’s tempting to want to go natural.  But not all of us have locks that turn that gorgeous smooth silver that looks like strands of silk.  In some cases, hair texture and skin tone dictate that our hair color may need a little help.

Pat went to see The Makeover Guy, and she wanted to know if she was a candidate for keeping her grey hair.  She knew she could look better, but didn’t want to go back to her natural color of dark brown.



The Makeover Guy concluded that she would be better suited for a shade with a similar lightness to the grey, but with more warmth…Platinum.  The result is simply breathtaking and Pat is made even more beautiful by her unbelievable attitude.  She looks decades younger and glows from the inside out!



Are you looking to update your color without going back to dark?  Perhaps Platinum could be an option for you!


WATCH:  An amazing grey hair makeover that takes her from drab to fab!


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