38 Plastic Bottle Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Plastic Bottle Hacks

Wait!  Before you take out your recycling bin, flex your MacGyver muscles and try some of these plastic bottle hacks.

Plastic bottles seem to multiply like rabbits and, unfortunately, too many of them are finding their way into our waters and landscapes.  We do our best to recycle, but what if you knew some creative ways to UPcycle?  Instead of throwing your bottles into the green bin, you might be able to use these bottles to solve some common household or garden puzzles.



Check out these 38 ideas from Thaitrick, some of which are downright genius.  From sprinklers to mini-greenhouses to car umbrella holder…these are taking “resourceful” to a whole new level!


allcreated - plastic bottle hacks

credit: Thaitrick


WATCH:  So many surprising plastic bottle hacks!


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