40 Creative Uses For Recyclable Goods – Go Green!

Going Green means a lot of different things. So here are (40) ways to go a little more green than before.

Outlined below are (40) ways to repurpose your recyclable goods and give them a second life!

Personally, I have tried several of these and they work pretty good!




1) Take used yogurt cups and plant seedlings in them. Puncture a hole in the bottom for water to drain out.

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2) Stuff thick covers (such as pet beds and outdoor pillows) with empty plastic bags.

3) Add plastic bags to super hero figurines for instant cape and parachute!

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4) Wrap plastic bags around fruit still hanging on the trees. This will help them ripen and protect when they fall to the ground.

5) Cut the bottom of a bleach bottle to use as a gardening scoop. Be sure to keep the handle – you’re gonna need that! 🙂

6) Use the opening of any empty 2-liter soda bottle as your guide when cooking spaghetti. The opening is equivalent to 1 serving of spaghetti.

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7) Create a mosaic with your plastic bottle tops.

8) Dip the bottom of most plastic bottles in paint and stamp for a flower design.

9) Use an empty soda bottle as a tall boot insert. To keep them standing tall.

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10) Cut plastic bottles in half and use them as planters.


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1) Paint empty glass bottles for a unique vase or decor.

2) Layer colored sand for a beautiful sand art display. Get the kids involved!

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3) Cut and finish the edges of beer bottles for unique drinking glasses.

4) Add a candle to the top of any bottle for table lighting and decor.

5) Use your glass jars as terrariums and plant small air plants.

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6) Bury empty wine bottles bottom up as pavers in your garden.

7) Pour paint into baby food jars as touch up paint jars.

8) Use clear glass jars to store dry beans and pasta noodles.

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9) Line the inside of glass jars with photos for a unique frame.

10) Store desk supplies (pens, pencils, ruler, scissors, etc) in jars for easy access.

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1) Spray glass cleaner on newspapers to clean windows.

2) Cut toilet paper rolls into 2″ sections and decorate – use a napkin holders.

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3) Weave strips of painted paper bags into placemats.

4) Cover toilet paper rolls with peanut butter and bird seed. String them up and hang them outside as a feeder!

5) Stuff your shoes with newspapers to keep them fresh.

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6) Use leftover newspapers for gift wrapping.

7) Wrap silk scarves around paper towel tubes to keep them wrinkle-free.

8) When mailing photos, layer them between a piece of cardboard or cereal box to prevent bending.

9) Store unused cords inside the paper towel tube.

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10) Cut and use the front of a cereal box to carry cupcakes or cookies – like a tray.

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1) Cut a whole in the plastic lid to a coffee can and use as a string dispenser.

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2) For an emergency lantern, poke holes in a can and place a candle inside.

3) Lay aluminum foil under silks and wools when ironing – helps eliminate wrinkles.

4) Use foil as a paint palette.

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5) Stack and glue cans together for a DIY wine rack.

6) Wrap foil around door knobs and hinges while you’re painting to protect them.

7) Unwind a wire hanger and slide on rolls of ribbon. Then reattach wire and hang up.

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8) Use an empty can as a biscuit cutter.

9) Add coins to an empty soda can. Tape it up. It makes a great noise maker. (perfect distraction for a baking dog)

10) Soda can tabs make great picture hangers. Place nail through smaller hole into the frame and use larger one to hang from.


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