Sock Snowman

Gotta admit, this craft is really cool, er- cold, er- frosty! This is the perfect activity to kick start your winter.

You need just a few things, such as:

1.) A pair of socks, crew length or longer
2.) Sharp scissors
3.) Rice
4.) Buttons & Pins
5.) Rubber bands
6.) Fabric
7.) Glue

You’ll start off by cutting top of the sock from the foot of it.

Next, turn the sock inside-out and attach the rubber band tightly to the top of the sock. Then turn the sock right-side-in again.


Now fill the sock top with rice. Pack the rice as you go to make sure you get a firm round base.

Once filled, rubber band the top of your sock closed. Then put another rubber band around 3/4 of the way up. This will create your snowman’s head.

Your snowman has a body! Now it’s time to give him a face and some clothes. Tie a piece of fabric around your snowman’s “neck” to serve as a scarf. Make a face using the pins, and pin or glue button down his torso.

Lastly, use the foot of the sock to give your snowman a stocking cap. He’ll be get cold without it!

10 minutes is all you’ll need to make one of these. It’s quick, super easy, and a lot of fun! Go ahead and make a friend for your sock snowman, too!