Thanksgiving Cooking Hacks Make Meal Prep A Breeze

The key to a chaos-free holiday meal is preparation.  Get all your ducks in a row with these Thanksgiving hacks that will truly save your sanity.

The secret to a successful meal is having everything ready-to-go when it’s time to get cooking.  Organization is key.  That means:

  • have all your veggies pre-washed and pre-cut
  • have as many things as possible pre-cooked or slow cooking
  • keep the counter space and serving space clean and efficient



Princess Pinky Girl has compiled a list of useful tips that will help your morning in the kitchen run smoothly.  So much so that you might actually have time to watch the parade!


allcreated - thanksgiving hacks

credit: Martha Stewart


allcreated - thanksgiving hacks

credit: Bakepedia


Here are some fantastic Thanksgiving Hacks to be thankful for!

  • Prep your stuffing veggies ahead of time
  • Serve the food buffet-style
  • Learn some new tricks for the perfect pie crust
  • Wash potatoes in the dishwasher
  • Have leftover to-go packages ready to pack
  • Use a cheat sheet to calculate how much food you need
  • Make gravy ahead of time
  • Tape recipes and to-do lists to cabinets with painter’s tape for easy reference
  • Turkey done-ness chart tells you when the bird is done
  • Put out dish pans and notes so guests know how to help clean up
  • Slow cook the turkey overnight
  • Save the pie with a foil collar

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