Dawn Detergent Hacks Make This A Must-Have Household Staple

We love Dawn for its grease-cutting powers, but it can do so much more!  These Dawn detergent hacks will have you buying in bulk!



Do you remember when Dawn first came on the market?  It quickly became the go-to dishwashing detergent in our household and was able to tackle pretty much any sticky, greasy food mess that we were able to come up with.  I was grateful for that as I, much to my chagrin, was the family dish-washer.  Fast forward to now and Dawn is still my favorite, cutting grease like crazy all over the kitchen.  Over the years, people have realized that Dawn has countless uses in other areas of the house, making it a very useful and cost-effective product.  A Cultivated Nest has put together a list of her favorite uses and some tips on how to best use Dawn for those tasks.  As she points out, be sure to use the blue formula.  The other colors do not have the same grime-cutting capabilities.


Here are the 20 Dawn Detergent Hacks that you need to know:

  • Emergency hair clean up
  • Weed killer
  • Concrete Safe Driveway De-Icer
  • Clean outdoor furniture
  • Toilet unclogger
  • Grease spill cleaner
  • Glasses defogger
  • Hair product remover
  • Ant killer
  • Flea killer
  • Window cleaner
  • Find tire holes
  • Keep away houseplants bugs
  • Door lubricant
  • Make you own ice packs
  • Manicure enhancer
  • Safer plastic pool cleaner
  • Catch fruit flies
  • Poison Ivy first aid
  • Grill cleaner

Head on over to A Cultivated Nest to get the complete details.


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