The Plan To Clean Your House In Minutes A Day That Went Viral

A Clean House And A Little Sanity Can Be Yours In Just 15 Minutes A Day

Is living your life getting in the way of having a clean house?  This schedule to clean your house in minutes a day has gone viral and is saving the sanity of ‘domestic engineers’ everywhere!



Our lives these days seem so full and we are pulled in so many different directions.   In my house, the kid, husband, work priorities always rise to the top of the to-do list and the housekeeping is the first thing to fall off.  Other than soccer uniforms and clean underwear, laundry often has to just wait until tomorrow.   And I regularly fall into bed at night feeling guilty that I didn’t clean the bathroom or change the sheets this week.  But, behold, I have come across what may be the secret to regaining my sanity and sense of accomplishment!


The secret, revealed!

This schedule from Becky at Organizing Made Fun outlines how to do at least your surface cleaning in just 15-20 minutes a day and it has people buzzing!  Her plan went viral when it was first posted because she outlined realistic daily tasks and the end goal was not to be on the cover of a magazine.  It was to maintain a “fake” immaculate house to which you could feel comfortable inviting friends over last minute.  Without stressing about whether the floor was covered in spilled food and dog hair.  Of course, this plan would vary depending upon house size and personal needs.  For me, I might elect to dust on the first day so that anything that fell to the floor could be vacuumed up on day 2.  While Becky provides the basic schedule of daily tasks, she also has some great ideas for overall clutter management.  She even has a schedule for when kids should be helping to take over cleaning tasks (see Part 5;).  You can bet that I will be implementing Part 5 in my house!


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Visit Organizing Made Fun to view how to clean your house in minutes a day and all of Becky’s household management tips.  Even if you can’t use all of them, at least a couple are sure to make your life less stressful and a little cleaner!