Build a Faux Fireplace Using an Old Table!

Want that cozy fireplace feel without the fire and smoke? Who doesn’t?! Just grab an old table and an electric fireplace, and build yourself something inviting. This easy DIY faux fireplace will give the ambience you need plus extra storage and decor space!

DIY Faux Fireplace Instructions

1. Find a wooden table (the older, the better!)

Pull thatĀ old dining room table out of the attic, and finally do something useful with it. (bonus: you’ll also gain valuable attic space!)

Grab a saw (preferably powered) and carefully cut the table into pieces that will fit around your electric fireplace. You’ll want to take some measurements before cutting.

After cutting your wood, this is the time to stain or paint it to whatever color you want before assembling it.

2. Time to build your shelves.

Decide what you want your shelves to hold. I knew I wanted to surround my faux fireplace with a few family photos, plus use it to sit my DVD player on, so I measured and cut shelves big enough to put my things in.

Now just cut your shelves to size, paint them the same color as your faux fireplace frame, and screw the pieces together. The dimensions and screw placement will be different for everyone, so just make sure the pieces connect together and feel sturdy.

3. Bring it together.

You have your fireplace frame, and you have your accompanying shelves. Now just put them together (think of pieces of a puzzle) and screw them together in the back.

4. Finishing touches

Add in your DVD player, family photos, and whatever else you decided to make a part of your fireplace. Add to seasonal decorations to it and make it feel like home! Then curl up to you new fireplace and enjoy…