DIY Photo Booth Creates Memories To Last A Lifetime

DIY Photo Booth Provides Precious Keepsakes From Your Next Party

Don’t you love old-fashioned photo booths?  Now you can make your own DIY Photo Booth and all you need is a discarded refrigerator box!



Each time we see an old-fashioned curtained photo booth, we can’t help but to tuck inside and make complete fools of ourselves.   These days, however, those booths are a rare find.  What if you could create your own and it would cost you next to nothing?  We love this low-cost idea from Meadow Street Memoirs, where she creates this booth as the perfect complement to a child’s party.  All you need is a discarded refrigerator box, some paint, fabric and a little creativity!  This design could be customized with colors and paint design to fit any type of party or theme you can dream up.  You will need someone to act as photographer and the photos can be shared in whatever method you choose…a photo-sharing site, keepsake photo books or even use a program to make photo strips.  There are tons of possibilities!



Here’s what you will need to make this low-cost DIY Photo Booth:

  • Refrigerator box
  • Paint
  • Fabric or curtain panels
  • Stools
  • Camera


Head on over to Meadow Street Memoirs for all the details!