3 Easy Ways To Make Your Yard Glow In The Dark

What better way to make your yard POP and also make it a little safer for those trick-or-treaters than things that glow in the dark! Here are 3 super easy and adorable ways to brighten up your night.


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1. Glow In The Dark Pathway

Womenio Blog

Womenio Blog


To make these beauties: Clean your stepping stones really well to get rid of dirt and grime. Paint the rocks with glow in the dark paint. Add a thin layer of epoxy or clear coat to help prevent weather damage!

To get the step by step break down visit Womenio!


2. Glow In The Dark Planter Pots

HGTV Jessica Yonker

HGTV Jessica Yonker


How much would you love to line your porch with these babies!?!

With this little guy you can get so creative. All you have to do is paint the pot with glow paint and ta-da glowing pot. The best part is you can paint it like a had print or other creepy crawly for Halloween. Ot you could do my personal favorite and paint polka dots!

For the step by step of getting the most glowy pots check out HGTV‘s DIY


3. Glow In The Dark Jars

The Gold Jellybean

The Gold Jellybean


These adorably spooky jar are a bit more labor intensive but trust me they are still a snap!

All you need are glow sticks, scissors, a jar and gloves. Wearing your gloves clip the tip off of the glow stick so that goop inside comes dripping out. Then dot the inside of the jar with the glow stick insides letting it drip a little for an extra spooky effect. Let the jar dry and ta-da glowing jars, perfect for setting on your front steps to make sure no little gobblins trip!

You could use these precious jars any time of year on a picnic table for a soft glow!

For detailed instructions, plus some variations check out the Gold Jellybean!

All of these glow in the dark DIYs are a fun easy way to light up your yard!


AND don’t forget to check out the BONUS glow in the dark Halloween DIY:

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