7 DIY Industrial Pipe Projects from Hardware Store Plumbing Aisle

Get That Industrial Chic Look In No Time With These 7 DIY Pipe Project Ideas

Plumbing pipes are not just for the bathroom anymore.  Check out these DIY Industrial Pipe Projects for customized storage and decor in your home!



Eclectic decor is in.  The most fashionable, personality-filled spaces are those where different styles are combined and new furnishings are mixed with old are mixed with handmade.  One of our favorite DIY materials are plumbing pipes.  Because they are sold as or can be cut into varying lengths, the design possibilities are endless!  And depending upon what kinds of materials you combine them with, or what color they are, they can fit with several different design styles…from rustic, to urban to modern.  Here are a few of our favorite plumbing pipe projects.

1. DIY Pipe Projects Magazine Rack


Taking some left over fabric (old blue jeans?!) and you can have a simple magazine rack for your favorite subscriptions!

2. Easy To Create Paper Towel Holder


Make more room on your kitchen counter with this creative DIY Pipe paper towel holder!

3. DIY Pipe Bar Stool


Perfect for saddling up to the kitchen bar or using in a home office or studio!

4. Industrial Pipe End Table


This industrial pipe end table is so easy to build and adds lots of storage to your room.

5.  Useful DIY Ipad Stand Made Out Of Copper


This Ipad holder also doubles as a cook book rack! So whether you are all digital or a mix of both, we are sure you’ll love this kitchen-helper!

6.  Easy Peasy DIY Wine Rack

DIY Industrial Pipe Projects _ wine rack _ all created

credit: Etsy / Case Concepts 2000


What a great way to store your favorite wines!

7. WATCH:  Another Of Our Favorite DIY Industrial Pipe Projects.  PVC Pipe Turned Curtain Rod Is A Clever And Inexpensive Solution!


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