How To Convert Bi-Fold Closet Doors To Sliding Doors

If you would like to convert those out-of-date bi-fold closet doors to something more sleek and stylish, check out this guy.

He walks you through, step by step, in how to change out those old doors into something more up to date. These sliding doors are so easy to install and use…and saves space!

I believe in you…YOU can do it!


Here are doors without the final trim he puts on to complete the look.


By adding this simple trim, the doors look to be framed and more complete in their appearance. Nice touch!


The Samurai Carpenter┬áis really good at this and I’ll bet he has a lot more to teach us! Keep watching and you’ll be updating those closet doors this weekend!

Thanks, Samurai Carpenter, for sharing your expertise with us!

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HT Workshop.Lifehacker