Arm Knit A Blanket In 45 Minutes

As the weather gets cooler, out come the blankets! We keep a basket in our den with several blankets for year-round snuggling but they become a premium when there really is a chill in the air.

If only I could knit one myself?

Wait a minute…I can! And by using my arm, to boot! How cool is that?

Look how snuggly and warm this blanket looks. Awww…so soft and cozy!

Keep reading and watch the video below showing you how to knit this fabulous blanket for you and your family!


Simply Maggie

For those of you who know how to knit, you are ahead of the class. Here is what you’ll need to get started:


Cast on 18 stitches using the long tail cast on method

Knit 32 rows (including the cast on row)

Bind off

Weave in the ends

Products used:

11 Skeins of Premier Yarns Couture Jazz in the color Beige


Approximately 5′ by 3′

For the rest of us, watch the video…listen and learn!


Simply Maggie

Take a moment and watch this video to learn how to knit this blanket in just 45 minutes! In (5) easy steps, Simply Maggie is going to show us all how to stay warm this winter!


Simply Maggie

Thank you, Simply Maggie, for sharing with us your expertise and tips in how to knit a blanket in just 45 minutes! Good luck, everyone!!

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HT SimplyMaggie, YouTube