Use This Bacon Hack Before Cooking To Reduce Shrinkage

Who out there drinks Snapple Teas? If so, then you’re also very familiar with their cap facts. We drink a lot of Snapple in our home and have determined that our children are receiving a quality education from the caps alone! LOL

Who knew that Snapple could teach us a thing or two about bacon? But keep reading…cuz it’s all true!


A poem about Bacon: 

Roses are Red

Bacon is Red

Poems are Hard


Need I say more? 

OK – for you bacon lovers out there THIS tip is critical! 

Q: How can I avoid bacon ‘shrinkage?’

A: Try these (2) tips

  1. Rinse your bacon in cold water before cooking;
  2. Cook you bacon in the oven (not the skillet) on 365 degrees for 10 minutes.

It’s on the Snapple cap fact…so it MUST be true!!


Thank you, folks at Snapple and Life Hacker for keeping us in the know!

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HT LifeHacker. HelloPoetry