Clever Gift Wrapping Hacks Will Keep You From Pulling Your Hair Out

The next time you run out of wrapping paper, don’t worry.  Check out these gift wrapping hacks that will save your sanity!

We’ve all been there.  One more gift to wrap and the paper is an inch shy.  If this happens to you, save yourself a trip to the store with the diagonal wrapping technique.  This one is new to us, but once you see it, it totally makes sense!



But First, Coffee has several hacks that will save you time, energy and money.  Start saving your toilet paper rolls and Pringles cans now!




These clever gift wrapping hacks include:
  • wrapping when you don’t have quite enough paper
  • making a gift bag out of paper
  • creating a bow using wrapping paper
  • turning a toilet paper roll into a pillow box
  • transforming a Pringles can into a gift container


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