Alternative Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Gift Their Favorite

Are you racking your brain for the perfect gift?  Try one of these alternative gift ideas to save money and time.  Your thoughtfulness will be so appreciated!

We have all been there.  We want to gift something nice and meaningful, but we are simply out of ideas.  I don’t know about you, but around our house, we just don’t need any more stuff.  And older family members are either so picky or already have what they need.  Buying for them is simply impossible.

Check out these ideas from Good Housekeeping.  Just take a couple of minutes to really think about what your loved one might enjoy, but won’t take the time to do themselves.  With just a little research, you can find tickets to a local event or concert.  Or make them something in your kitchen or workshop.



These don’t don’t have to be expensive.  Get creative and see if you can barter for a gift.  For instance, maybe you offer someone an hour of quilting lessons to give to someone if they can offer you an hour of cake decorating lessons to give to someone.  This kind of thoughtfulness is so much more personal than another gift card!


Alternative Gift Ideas include:

  • The home-made gift
  • The volunteering gift
  • The gag gift
  • The teaching gift
  • The adventurous gift
Visit Good Housekeeping for more details and inspiration on each of these ideas.


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