2 Ingredient DIY Oven Cleaner Saves Money, Odor and Time

Does your oven need a good cleaning?  Banish the chemicals and 500 degree self-clean with this brilliant 2 ingredient DIY oven cleaner solution.

There are a couple of go-to methods for cleaning an oven.  You can go to the store and purchase commercial oven cleaners that are loaded with chemicals and often leave a harsh odor when the oven gets turned back on. Not to mention the safety precautions and potential skin damage that can happen. Or, you can use the self-clean setting, which heats your oven to 500 degrees for several hours.  When you use this option, your house becomes over-heated and you are left without an oven for half of the day.  Afterwards, you still have to clean out the burned-off ashes.  Neither of these options is ideal.


Thankfully, the amazing people over at Craftsy have come up with an easy solution that their bakers swear by.  All it takes is a couple of household ingredients and a little bit of time.  Baking soda and water make a paste that is applied to the baked-on stains.  Let the solution work it’s magic and wipe away!  I bet you already have these ingredients in your house right now. So stop cringing every time that you open up your oven and make it shine like new again with this simple solution. It’s so simple!


allcreated - 2 ingredient DIY oven cleaner

credit: Craftsy


Your 2 ingredient DIY oven cleaner recipe includes:

  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 2 1/2 – 3 T. water

Head on over to Craftsy for their easy pictorial.

And check out these spotless results!
allcreated - 2 ingredient diy oven cleaner

credit: Craftsy


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