Tie Shoelaces Like THIS And Say Goodbye To Blisters!


Say ‘Bye Bye Blisters’ With This Shoelace Trick!

No matter how comfy my new sneakers were, I always had the problem of it rubbing my heel after a while until I got blisters. Or my foot would slide forward in the shoe and I’d get squished up toes that hurt. . .and blisters on the bottom of my feet AND on my heel.





I had no idea the simple solution was in how I tied my shoelaces!

You know those extra holes all the way at the top of the shoe? I never even ran my laces through them. But after I watched this video I raced to my closet and tried it out with a nice walk through my neighborhood. And guess what. . .it definitely works!

Try it out yourselves and let us know if it worked for you in the comments section below! 🙂

h/t: SunnySkyz