15 Tips To Beat The Monday Morning Rush!

For those of us who work Monday through Friday, weekends are awesome! But, they tend to fly by so quickly that before we know it, it’s Monday morning all over again. Can I get an “AMEN?!”

Here are (15) things you can do on Sunday (after church) that might help put some aahh in your Monday morning routine.



Note: I don’t like to ‘over-do’ it on Sunday. After church, doing chores is not what I prefer, so maybe some of these things can be done Saturday morning as well! Either way, these (15) tips will help make Monday not seem so blue. 

1) Purge the fridge of leftovers that aren’t gonna get eaten or foods that have expired. And shop for the entire week – maybe even plan your meals for the week in advance. *that would be awesome – can you come to my house and do that for me? 


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2) Clean out your purse (my personal favorite) and toss the unnecessary receipts, tissues, gum wrappers, etc. AND dig the coins from the bottom and put them where they belong 🙂



3) Prep you weekdays worth of healthy snacks in advance. This will help you avoid the foods not-so-good for you when you get the “munchies!”


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4) Make breakfast in advance. This can help not just you but the entire family. There are so many breakfast cookies or smoothies you can prepare in bulk and then you’re set for a quick bite before you hit the road! Click here for this breakfast cupcake recipe!



5) Toss a meal into the crockpot and you’ll have leftovers for a day or 2! Ya’ gotta love the crockpot!


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6) Sit down with your calendar and write out all of your “to-do’s” for the week. (people to call or call back, vet appointments to make, errands to run on the way home, Johnny’s basketball games, etc)


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7) Iron ahead…put on some music and have an ironing party!



8) Put clean laundry away and straighten closet for easy access on Monday morning. When you walk into your closet that has been de-cluttered the night before, the entire morning will feel lighterUmm…I so wish my closet looked like THIS! LOL



9) Check the weather forecast for the next 2-5 days. This will help you plan accordingly as to what you’ll be wearing. *Plus, it’s the perfect reminder to put that umbrella in your car now – because Monday mornings are a tough time to remember little things like that.



10) Pack you gym bag in advance and toss it in your car. This is the best tip I know PLUS  you’re sure to never forget your running shoes (or socks) ever again!!



11) Empty your trashcans & take them outside. Start your week with fresh and empty trash cans. *And don’t forget to recycle 🙂



12) If you work indoors during the week, take some time and get some fresh air!


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13) Do just one load of laundry – the essentials – that’s it. {don’t over do it}



14) For those of you that find it difficult to pull yourself away form the TV or your laptop or FB, try setting an alarm to remind you it’s time to start “powering down” and get ready for bed. You’ll sleep better, too!


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15) Last, but not least, spend time with family and friends and wrap up your weekend with some time for yourself!





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