Inventor Creates Pack-A-Day Smoking Experiment That Might Stop You In Your Tracks

These are your lungs.  And these are your lungs on cigarettes.  You won’t believe the results of this pack-a-day for 30 days smoking experiment.

Chris Notap is an inventor, builder, fixer and all-around creative guy.  With that creativity comes curiosity and he wanted to know what the inside of a person’s lungs would look like after 30 days of smoking a pack a day.  So, he built a machine to simulate the inhaling and exhaling that occurs during smoking.

The cotton balls and tubing represent our lungs.  Take a look at what happens when this “machine” smokes a pack a day, which is considered the average smoking consumption.



This experiment is certainly illuminating and would be great to show someone who is trying to find the motivation to quit.  Or better yet, show it to a teen to discourage ever starting.


allcreated - smoking experiment

credit: Chris Notap


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