7 Ways To Grow In Your Faith As A Busy Christian Mom!

Being a mom, in and of itself, is a full-time, extremely busy job. And it’s equally important to take care of our OWN mental, emotional and spiritual health along the way.

Having raised (4) children, I know how hard it was and is to find time to take care of me! When I stumbled on these (7) tips in growing your faith as a busy mom, I knew I needed to pass them along.

Thank you, Humbled Homemaker, for sharing your words of wisdom!





These tips will prepare you for battle. God’s word give us courage, strength, power and wisdom as we navigate our days. God’s word will keep the enemy at bay and prepare us for whatever might come our way. 


1. Audio Bibles

I rarely have an uninterrupted slot of time to read the Bible at length. Instead, I’ve downloaded some apps on my phone that allow me to listen to the Bible while I’m caring for my family.

Typically I miss sections from whatever chapter I want to listen to, so sometimes I will play the chapter repeatedly while making breakfast in the morning. That way, I am less likely to come away from listening with no remembrance of what I heard.



2. Look for Unique Prayer Opportunities

We don’t own a dishwasher, so I spend a considerable amount of time hand washing our many dishes. When discussing the woes of so many hours spent at the kitchen sink, someone mentioned to me that she uses that time to pray.

I realized that many mundane tasks offer opportunities to pray. Folding laundry, ironing, weeding a garden, and yes, washing dishes are all times to lift our hearts to heaven!



3. Focus in on Family Devotions

Every morning and evening, our family has what we call Bible Time. It’s our family devotions time, and we mostly gear it towards teaching our children.

Rather than thinking of it just for the kids, though, our family devotions can be an important time for me to recharge my spirit! Even if I can grab on to just one Bible verse and say one sincere prayer in my heart, I can walk away more encouraged.



4. Listen to Sermons & Praise

It’s pretty rare that I can listen to an uninterrupted sermon at church. Actually, I take that back. It never happens.

That’s why I like to play a sermon or two through the week. I typically listen while working in the kitchen either making our dinner or washing dishes.

(There are those dishes again. Maybe I don’t have a dishwasher for a higher reason. I still want one.)

Uplifting Christian music can also really help me keep my heart centered on Christ. We all have our preferences concerning style, and depending on my mood, I might play something really upbeat or quite mild and calm. I love that when I play music, my children get to enjoy it and be involved, too!

5. Invest in Christian Friendships

Friendships with sincere Christian women are an incredible way to grow in faith! By sharing prayer requests, struggles, testimonies, and life in general, my heart often has been challenged towards a deeper faith.

That also means that I make myself vulnerable to sharing my genuine weaknesses and failures with them. It’s so therapeutic to open up with a faithful Christian sister, though, knowing that she offers grace, and not judgement.



6. Memorize Scripture

Have you heard the verse about hiding God’s word in your heart? That can be so crucial as a busy mom! Though I may struggle to find quiet time to read the Bible, nothing can stop me from rehearsing verses that I have memorized

I have some favorite encouraging verses that I turn to when my momma heart is weary, but I also love to use memorized Scriptures when instructing my children.

Memorizing scripture is also a great way to use time that might otherwise be occupied by flipping through our smartphones, like when nursing a baby.



7. Display Challenging or Encouraging Verses

Lots of homemakers put handy reference charts or frequented recipes inside their kitchen cupboards for convenience. That’s also a great place to tuck challenging or encouraging Bible verses!

Another great idea is to display verses, decoratively written or printed, inside picture frames through your home. When you see them, you can read them, meditate on them, and even work on memorizing them.

These (7) tips will drawer you closer to God. And that’s all He wants!

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