Cheese Wedding Cakes Tell Stories Of Family And Travel

The latest trend in wedding cakes is not sweet at all.  In fact, couples everywhere are celebrating with cheese wedding cakes that honor their families and unique love stories.

Gone are the days of strictly traditional weddings.  Nuptials are becoming more and more unique, with brides and grooms choosing decor, clothing, music, and food to truly express and celebrate who they are individually and as couples.  The cake is often one area where couples can get inventive, but this kind of cake might surprise you.

This cheese shop in Scotland has been making cheese wedding cakes for over 20 years!  They custom make each cake to tell a story…with favorite flavors, or to honor countries of heritage or travel.



Tiers of cheese are embellished with fruits and greenery to turn them into a delicious tower of rustic elegance.  These types of cakes are now becoming more popular in other countries too, offering couples everywhere a special way to bring a unique touch to their reception!


allcreated - cheese wedding cakes

credit: Bring Me


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