Is This Dog Seat Belt A Help or A Hazard?

How do you secure your pup when he rides in the car?  At first glance, this dog seat belt looks like an interesting solution, but is it?

I have to admit, when I first saw this, I thought it was adorable.  I have a 17-pound dog that I worry about when she is riding in the car.  When I saw this, my kids and I all said, “How cute!  She can ride secured and propped up so that she can see out of the window!”  But, now I am reconsidering whether it’s really a good idea.  These dogs look fairly content, but I’m not sure all would be. (Please note that this device is intended for dogs 25 pounds and under.)  Not to mention, that upright posture doesn’t really look that safe for their spines.



What do you think?  While I would love to find a more secure way of transporting my dog in the car, is this the answer?  We would advise asking your veterinarian before taking the plunge.



allcreated - dog seat belt

credit: Insider


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