Pupsicle Recipe Chart Allows You To Customize With Your Dog’s Favorite Flavors

Craft A Delicious Pet Treat With This Pawsome Pupsicle Recipe Chart

Dogs have favorite flavors, just like people!  With this Pupsicle Recipe Chart from DogPack, you can create delicious frozen treats that your furry pal is sure to love!


Pupsicle Recipe Chart

by Amica Graber

Have you ever thought about making DIY dog biscuits, but weren’t sure where to start? Homemade dog biscuits are easy to make, and because you can control the recipe, they’re usually a lot healthier than store-bought dog treats. Often commercial dog treats have strange sounding ingredients, like meat by-products. I won’t gross you out by going into detail, but meat byproducts are often unsavory animal leftovers that have been deemed unfit for human consumption. For instance, my dog just loves a jerky style dog treat. But when I checked the ingredients, not only did I find a bunch of hard-to-pronounce mystery ingredients, I also found traces of garlic and onions!

Garlic and onions are extremely toxic to dogs. I’m sure all commercial dog food is vetted before being released to the public, but I still don’t like the idea of feeding my dog anything that might cause him harm. Which is why I started researching how to make my own dog treats! The following printable, courtesy of DogPack, demonstrates how easy it is to make frozen Pupsicles with ingredients that you may already have lying around the house!


credit: DogPack


Here are some of my favorite benefits about using this Pupsicle Recipe Chart for my dog:

It’s a great way to keep a furry dog cool during the hot summer months
If you ever have leftover fruit that goes bad, turn it into Pupsicles instead!
Almost any fruit will work, but avoid grapes and avocados — they’re toxic to pets
This recipe is simple enough for kids to follow, and makes a fun family activity
Pupsicles are perfect for a dog on a diet
Even if Fido isn’t fond of fruit, adding a little bacon grease can work wonders!
DIY dog treats are surprisingly cost efficient, and you can save money by repurposing leftovers from the fridge


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There’s something to be said for handcrafting food for the whole family, the dog included! When you create a recipe from scratch, you can really pour a lot of love into it. I know nothing tells my dog how much I love him like an extra special edible surprise! Another wonderful thing about Pupsicles is that you can leave them in the freezer for long after you’ve prepared them. When the heat wave visits you this summer, you can be totally prepared! What’s your favorite Pupsicle variation? Share yours in the comments below!