DIY Cat Scratching Pad Out Of A Traffic Cone And Rope

Is your cat ripping your furniture and curtains to shreds?  Make a DIY Cat Scratching Pad to match your decor and make Tiger so happy!

We love a DIY that makes new life out of something fairly uncommon.  This one takes, of all things, a traffic cone and turns it into a custom scratch pad for your cat.  The folks at HGTV Handmade have dyed rope in a couple of different shades to produce this popular ombre effect.  Just glue it on and let the cat have at it!


allcreated - diy cat scratching pad credit: HGTV Handmade[/caption]

WATCH: Whip up this DIY Cat Scratching Pad and save your furniture!

Here are the supplies that you need to make your DIY Cat Scratching Pad:
  • traffic cone
  • 150 ft. nylon rope
  • fabric dye
  • hot glue
  • spray paint (optional)


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