Catio Ideas Will Have Your Feline Friend Living In Style

Every cat needs his own space to roam.  Give yours a penthouse playground with one of these Catio ideas.  He may never want to come back inside!

It’s in a cat’s nature to want to explore the outdoors.  They love the different terrains, textures, smells and, of course, stalking other friendly neighborhood creatures.  Not all cats, however, know to come back home and may roam into dangerous territories.


This is why we absolutely love the idea of a cat patio, or “catio”.  These indoor/outdoor spaces can simply be a small “run” with a window entry or, they can be an elaborate theme park for your kitty. The creative folks over at Apartment Therapy has put together several different ideas to show us just what the possibilities are for a space like this.  There are even companies that sell plans so you can re-create one of these ideas right outside your own home.

No matter what the size of your property is, there’s definitely going to be an option that works for you and your furry feline. They might even show you some of that elusive affection that I’ve heard about from other cat owners. With that little nugget, it’s definitely worth a try in my book. So go ahead and build this catio for your cat and you can rest assured that at least one of those 9 lives will be spent in luxury!



Head on over to Apartment Therapy to see 8 different Catio Ideas.  One of them is sure to work with your property!


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