How To Comfort A Kitten Just Like A Momma Cat Would

Do you have or want a new kitty?  These tips on how to comfort a kitten will make them feel safe and loved and right at home.

Brand new baby kittens want just one thing.  To snuggle with their mommy.  But what happens if a litter are abandoned or if they are adopted when they are just weeks old?  How can you help them feel safe so that they can be well adjusted as they transition out of infancy?

The Kitten Lady has some wonderful and practical tips for making the little ones feel just like momma cat is still there.  In this instructional video, she uses an abandoned litter of babies to demonstrate just how effective these tools are.



These kittens really respond to her methods and look so content in their foster home!  When they find their forever homes, they are sure to be happy and well-adjusted pets.


alllcreated - comfort a kitten

credit: Kitten Lady


Kitten Lady’s 5 recommended tools include:
  • Snugglesafe
  • Snuggle Kitty
  • Baby blankets
  • Fur scraps
  • Toothbrush

WATCH: Kitten Lady and her furry friends demonstrate her useful tips on how to comfort a kitten.


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