Save Big With These Creative Ways To Use Scrap Materials

Whether you craft, sew, knit or bake, you have leftovers.  Here’s how to use scrap materials to save money and stretch your creative muscles even further.

No matter what your passion, you will almost always have unused supplies at the end of a project.  Instead of letting items go to waste or sit in a box until you “get around” to using them, learn some creative ways to extend their use.  These tips may help you save money on other projects, as well as giving your projects a unique flair that is truly one-of-a-kind.



Check out Craftsy’s tips.  They are experts on all sorts of creative past times and really know how to help us find our inner artists!


allcreated - use scrap materials

credit: Craftsy


7 ways to use scrap materials include:

  • Using left over or contrasting yarn to seam knitting projects
  • Finish off quilt borders using fabric scraps in complementary designs
  • Add borders to boring t-shirts using material left over from other projects
  • Give detail to cute DIY crocheted toys
  • Use left over egg whites to jump-start a second recipe
  • When making sugar flowers for cakes, make extra filler flowers for future projects
  • Use unwanted artworks, like watercolors, to make unique and personal gift tags
Visit Craftsy for more detail on each of these projects.


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