How Ree Drummond Became “The Pioneer Woman”

Did you know that The Pioneer Woman used to be a big city girl?  People Magazine gives us the inside scoop on how Ree Drummond married a cowboy and started a media empire.

Ree Drummond’s path to fame was completely unintentional.  Although raised in Oklahoma, she left to see what life could offer her in L.A..  During a trip back home, she met her soon-to-be husband and settled into life on a ranch.  But one day, while cooking a steak, she decided to take some pictures and blog about her cooking.  People noticed and the rest is “her”story!



People Magazine recently did a cover story on how this shy wife and mom became a Food Network sensation.  We love her for her authentic love of life and family.  And her recipes aren’t too shabby either!



WATCH: Ree Drummond tells her personal story and how she became “The Pioneer Woman”


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