This Pet’s Guide To Poisonous Plants Will Keep Your Fur Baby Safe

Consult This Guide To Poisonous Plants Before You Take Rover For A Walk

The weather is warming and the plants are in bloom.  Make sure you view this pet’s guide to poisonous plants to make your yard safe for your darling pet.



I don’t know about you, but my dog is the nosiest on the block.  My Mother-in-Law once took her out and complained that she sniffed every leaf on the ground before she would go to the bathroom.  Patience is definitely required with this fur baby.  Since our girl wants to know everything about everything, we think it’s really important to know what can hurt her if she starts gnawing on things when we aren’t watching.

This guide to poisonous plants from the University of Illinois is a great go-to for us, especially because we are not the original owners of the house.  I know what I planted in the yard, but just to be safe, I need to cross reference this list with what the previous owners may have planted.

We definitely recommend printing this out and taking a trip around your yard.  Just so you know what to steer away from as you and your pet are spending more time outside.




Visit the official University of Illinois site for the complete pet’s guide to poisonous plants and other household items.


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