Watermelon Pupsicles Will Have Fido Begging For More

Watermelon Pupsicles Are A Tail-Wagging Yummy Time!

There is nothing better than seeing your dog tail-wagging happy.  So many things can make them shake with delight…seeing you come home at the end of the day, a good round of ball…and a TREAT!  Nothing freaks my dog out more than when I go to the freezer and pull out the bag of Watermelon Pupsicles.  There is something about the sweetness, creaminess and crunch of the frozen morsel that makes her go bonkers!  Check out the how-to from grrfeisty and get ready for your pups to shake themselves silly too!


allcreated - watermelon pupsicles

Credit: grrfeisty

Only 2 ingredients!

  • A quarter of a watermelon (seedless is recommended)
  • One can of coconut milk



Visit grrfeisty for the instructions scoop!