Melted Crayon Easter Eggs Make An Artistic And Colorful Centerpiece

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs Turn You Into An Impressionist Artist

We have wonderful memories of making Easter eggs with our families…preparing for what is one of our favorite holiday weekends.  There are so many different materials and designs and themes to choose, many of which are geared solely toward kids.  How about taking your egg-making skills up a notch or two to create a work of art?  The folks at Housing A Forest will teach you how to make these Melted Crayon Easter Eggs that will flex your creative muscles.  Get as swirly, stripey, glittery and layered as you like…with whatever colors you prefer.  Let your imagination take you away!


allcreated - melted crayon Easter eggs

Credit: Housing A Forest


You will need:

  • Eggs
  • Standard egg dye
  • Crayon shavings



Click over to our friends at  Housing A Forest for more detailed instructions!