Manhole Masterpieces Become Wearable T-Shirt Art

When you are in a new city, don’t forget to look down.  You can turn those sidewalk iron masterpieces into wearable galleries with Manhole T-Shirt Art.

When visiting a larger city, it’s hard to see everything.  Navigating traffic and directions, we often miss some of the most beautiful details.

Some observant sight-seers have noticed that common city utility fixtures, such as manholes, historical markers and iron grates, actually have gorgeous architectural, or even artistic details.



Check out the magnificent t-shirt designs these European artists are making by block printing street iron.  They started with manholes in Berlin and their idea has people combing cities all over to make their own wearable art.

allcreated - manhole t-shirt art

credit: Mental Floss


In lieu of painting one of these yourself, try creating a photo album or framed gallery of interesting fixtures that you find on your travels.  They would make a interesting and unexpected keepsake!


WATCH:  Beautiful, but functional street ironworks become cool manhole t-shirt art.


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